Principles of Muscle Building Program Design

Principles of Muscle Building Program Design

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Learn all the principles behind the muscle building workouts of the world's most successful personal trainers.

Distilled from our experience as the world's leading results producing trainers, Volume 1 of the UP Encyclopaedia of Personal Training gives you everything that you need to know to understand and create your own hypertrophy specific workouts.

Aimed at the beginner right through to the experienced professional personal trainer, we have included every lesson that we have learned for muscle building program design for training ages up to 24 months.

Who Is It For?

The content, concepts and workouts are aimed at teaching you how to make maximum results in minimum time if you have a training age of 0-24 months.

This does not mean that if you've been training for over two years the workouts won't work for you. if you look at the images on this page you'll get a little peek inside the book to see what we have to see about the concept of a training age.


In addition, this isn't a book just for beginners to the world of weight training. It is a vital resource that you can refer back to throughout what I hope will be a long and lengthy love affair with the gym.

We have set out to create a piece of work that I believe should be on the bookshelf of any professional personal trainer.

There are so many lessons to learn that no matter how good you think you are, a refresher and a reminder never go amiss. I've been at this for over thirty years myself and as Jonathan Taylor and I have worked on the book I've had constant small moments that have made me want to jump into a weight rack and put the theory back into practice!


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

We have many workout program templates for you to follow, all illustrated with specific exercises both as photos and videos, but that's not learning.

You will learn how to:

Understand any weight training program and how to adapt it to fit your specific needs.

Factor in all the variables needed to ensure that you can make progress in the gym for years at a time, not just weeks.

Create your own bespoke hypertrophy training programs using logic and not just guesswork.

Appreciate the difference between fact and myth when it comes to training to build muscle.


Answers to many frequently asked questions, such as how often you need to train, when is the best time to train and how to include cardio without interfering with muscle building.

Several detailed guides that explain how to approach key aspects of training, such as warming-up, weight selection and tracking your workout performance. 

12-weeks of customisable workout programmes that you can adapt to focus on individual target areas.

We have specifically selected exercises and structured the workouts so that they will work in even the busiest of commercial gyms.

Over 40 illustrated exercise guides with step-by-step instructions and trainer tips.

Access to a library of videos showing how to perform every exercise.

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