Diet & Weight Loss Bundle
Diet & Weight Loss Bundle
Diet & Weight Loss Bundle

Diet & Weight Loss Bundle

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Whey Protein (Flavour):Strawberry

Put your body in the best position to lose fat with Ultimate Performance’s Diet & Weight Loss supplement bundle.

A healthy gut plays an important role in weight management. When your gut is irritated, it can be more difficult for your body to regulate blood sugar and absorb vital nutrients. This can result in weight gain and severe fatigue.

The powerful combination of Digestive Enzymes and Pre-Bio Fibre help keep your gut healthy and optimise the natural breakdown of foods.

Our Pre-Bio Fibre blend is packed with inulin, a prebiotic that helps healthy bacteria thrive in your gut. Not only can this support digestion, but also improve bone health, sleep and mood.

You’ll also receive our Ultimate Performance Cookbook, packed with hundreds of delicious recipes at less than 500 calories, to give you fresh inspiration for main meals and breakfast, dessert and shakes, and salads and sides.

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